Volume 4, Issue 1

Sep, 2021

​The ACRPS and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies have published the 8th issue (September/ October 2021) of its peer-reviewed journal Almuntaqa, dedicated to Humanities and Social Sciences, and published in English. The issue includes the following studies: "The Omnipresence of America and the Absence of American Studies" by Azmi Bishara; "The Sectarian Imagining of the 1920 Revolution and the Construction of a Shi'i Victimization Narrative" by Akeel Abbas; "Why the Theory and Practice of Transitional Justice Needs to be Better Integrated in all Places around the World" by Jeremy Sarkin; "Proving and Silencing: How Palestinian Fighters Ended “Annexation” (15 May 1948 – January 1949) in the writings of Qasim Al-Rimawi on al-Jihad al-Muqaddas" by Bilal Mohammed Shalash; and "The Evolution of the Military Action of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades: How Hamas Established its Army in Gaza" by Ahmed Qasem Hussein. The issue also contains an analysis of the Arab Opinion Index by Mohammad AlMasri titled "Assessing Arab Public Opinion Toward the Palestinian Issue"‏. Two book reviews are also included: Majd Abuamer's review of The Nakba and the Emergence of the Palestinian Diaspora in Kuwait by Shafiq al-Ghabra; and Azzam Al Kassir's review of Arab Jihadism: Nikāya and Tamkīn between ISIL and al-Qaeda by Hassan Abu Haniyeh.

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