Volume 7, Issue 1

Jan, 2024

The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies have published Issue 15 (January/February 2024) of the peer-reviewed journal Al-Muntaqa: New Perspectives on Arab Studies. The special issue titled "Genocide in Gaza: The Ongoing Nakba" features nine articles analysing various aspects of Israel's genocide against Palestinians in Gaza: "Gaza: Moral Matters in Hard Times" by Azmi Bishara; "The United Nations Early Warning Mechanism for the Prevention of Genocide and its Obstruction in the Case of Palestine" by Aicha Elbasri; "On the Depraved Legal Debate over the Responsibility to Protect in Gaza" by Mohammed Hemchi; "Detection, Neutralization, and Destruction: The Limits of Israel's Strategy against Gaza's Tunnels" by Majd Abuamer; "Assessing the Economic and Social Impacts of Israel's War on Palestine" by Raja Khalidi and Qais Iwidat; "The Israeli War Against UNRWA and Its Impact on Palestinian Refugees" by Ayat Hamdan; "Identity, Anxiety, and War: Hezbollah and the Gaza Tragedy" by Adham Saouli; "Policies without Sovereignty: Palestinian Electricity under Occupation in Gaza" by Ibrahim Rabaia; and "How Israel Lost the 2023 Gaza Propaganda War" by Basim Tweissi. Al-Muntaqa 15 concludes with two book review essays. Tariq Dana reviews Ali Jarbawi's From Expulsion to Self-Rule: The Zionist Quest to Bury Palestine Alive and Omar Shaban reviews Mazen Ejlah's Gaza: The Lost Years of Development (2007-2018).

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