Volume 5, Issue 2

Sep, 2022

​The ACRPS and the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies have published Issue 11 (September/October 2022) of their peer-reviewed journal AlMuntaqa, dedicated to Humanities and Social Sciences, and published in English. The issue includes the following studies: “Redefining Secularism and its Problematics in Arab Contexts: Azmi Bishara’s Theoretical and Methodological Contributions” by Souhail Hbaieb; “How to Read a Massacre in Palestine: Indigenous History as a Methodology of Liberation” by Rana Barakat; “Regime Elite Turnover in the Waning Syrian Civil War (2016-2021): A Socio-Economic Approach” by Ammar Shamaileh, Alan Aloskan, and Mohammed Zahr; “Algeria’s Security Policy: Transformations and Dilemmas in the Context of Regional Unrest and Internal Ḥirāk” by Abdennour Benantar; and “The Sudanese Revolution and the Horizons of Democratisation” by Eltigani Abdelgadir Hamid.

AlMuntaqa 11 also contains an analysis of the Arab Opinion Index: “The Digital Divide and Political Apathy: A Multivariate Logistic Regression Analysis of a Sample of Arab Opinion Index Data” by Hicham Raïq; and two book reviews by Hikmat al-Abdulrahman of Ahmed Qasem Hussein’s The European Union and the Arab Region: A Realistic Portrait of Challenge; and Lotfi Aïssa of Arab History and Arab Historiography: Past and Present Forms of Writing.

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In this issue: