Volume 3, Issue 2

Dec, 2020

​The ACRPS has published Issue 7 (December 2020) of its peer-reviewed journal AlMuntaqa, dedicated to Humanities and Social Sciences, and published in English. The issue includes the following studies: “A Critique of Public Administration and Policy Scholarship in Arab Countries: The Benefits of Comparative Analysis and an Agenda for Future Research” by Mohamed Alaa Abdel-Moneim; “Public Policy Studies: Academic Roots and Practical Significance” by B. Guy Peters; “Don't forget Law and Politics! What can Arab Public Administration Scholars learn from the Fluidity of the Field in the US Experience?” by David Rosenbloom and Mohamed Alaa Abdel-Moneim; “Quality Assurance in Tunisian Higher Education: A case-driven analysis of prevalent policymaking practice” by Intissar Kherigi, Khalil Amiri, Sofiane Sahraoui, Ichrak Klai, and Sana Ajmi; and “Cultural Competency Teaching and Practice in the MENA” by Aziza Zemrani, Deborah L. Trent, and Sawsan Abutabenjeh. AlMuntaqa 7 also contains an analysis of the Arab Opinion Index: “Armed Resistance versus Nonviolent Strategies: An Analysis of Palestinian Public Opinion” by Dana Elkurd, and a book review of Khalid Ziyadeh’s The Arab City and Modernity by Abderrahim Benhadda.

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In this issue: