Volume 3, Issue 1

May, 2020

​The ACRPS has published Issue 6 (May/June 2020) of its peer-reviewed journal AlMuntaqa, dedicated to Humanities and Social Sciences, and published in English. The issue includes the following studies: “Fighting Corruption within the Framework of Transitional Justice: The Impact on Democratic Transition in Tunisia” by Adnen Nouioua; “A Law of Diminishing Returns: Transitional Justice in Post-Revolutionary Libya” by Mahmoud Hamad; “Arabic Origins of the Foundational Myth of Western Identity: Between Histories of the Conquest of America and the Conquest of Andalusia” by Mohamed Abdelrahman Hassan; “The Limits of Rational Choice in the Sociology of Social Movements: The 20 February Movement and the Rif Movement in Morocco” by Mohamed Naimi; and “Prosopography: An Approach to Studying Elites and Social Groups” by Rajae Ankoud.

AlMuntaqa 6 also contains an analysis of the Arab Opinion Index: “US Policy in Arab Gulf Opinion: Data from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait” by Dana Elkurd, and a book review of Dana Elkurd’s Polarized and Demobilized: Legacies of Authoritarianism in Palestine by Anwar Mhajne.

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In this issue: