Volume 1, Issue 1

Apr, 2018

The ACRPS has published Issue 1 (April 2018) of its peer-reviewed journal AlMuntaqa, dedicated to Humanities and Social Sciences, and published in English. The issue includes the following studies: “The Army and Political Power in the Arab Context: Theoretical Issues” by Azmi Bishara; “The Restructuring of the Yemeni Army” by Adel Al-Shargabi; “The Ottoman Tanzimat and the Constitution” by Wajih Kawtharani; “The Welfare State in Egypt, 1995- 2005: A Comparative Approach” by Ahmed Ezz Eldin Mohamed; and “Criminals or Martyrs? Let the Courts Decide!-British Colonial Legacy in Palestine and the Criminalization of Resistance” by Rana Barakat.

AlMuntaqa 1 also contains analyses of the Arab Opinion Index: “Creating a State Capacity Index Using the Arab: Opinion Index” by Dana Elkurd; and two book reviews by Aziz Al Arabawi of Ahmed Al-Makkawi’s The Restoration of Japan in the Meiji Period from an Arab-Islamic Perspective; and Samir Abdul Rasoul al-Obaidy of Mohamed Jabbar Ibrahim al-Jammal’s The Modern Structure of Iraq: The Intellectual and Political Influence 1869–1914.

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